Do you know what to do if you get a flat tire? What if you havea blowout?

Do you have a jack in the trunk? Is your spare tire properly inflated?

It can be dangerous to be stuck on the side of the road somewhere with a flat tire, and no safe way to get it changed.

We take the worry out of flat tires. We are prepared to change your flat whenever you need us. If you can’t…or don’t want to… do it yourself, just call us. We are always glad to be of service. Our trucks carry all the necessary equipment to safely change your tire and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Why choose us:

• Flat Tire Change Service

• 24/7 emergency Roadside Assistance

• Friendly and experienced technicians

• Licensed, bonded and insured

• 100% reliable staff

Being stranded with a flat tire is a nightmare for anyone. Let us help take that worry off your shoulders. Your safety matters to us, so if you ever get a flat tire or a blowout, just give us a call any time, day or night, at 661-466-5157 and we will send someone out to change your tire as quickly as possible.


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